What is MDIC? What is NEST?

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What is the Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC) and what is the National Evaluation System for health Technology (NEST)? How does the NEST Coordinating Center (NESTcc) fit within the MDIC mission?

Simply put, NESTcc can provide an efficient way to execute studies using Real World Data to get to “faster, better, cheaper” on medical devices for the end user and the patient.


The NESTcc Mission

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Why is the FDA supporting NEST and why are they so interested in the NESTcc mission? What does it mean for the patient?

How can NESTcc provide data that is “fit for use” to reduce burden on the clinical sites, yet assist organizations with the data needed for regulatory purpose?


What can Healthtech Companies do to Help NESTcc Help Them?

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What were the initial challenges with respect to NEST? Now that NESTcc has been established, what can healthtech companies do to help NESTcc help them?

What is the current status of NEST?


Real World Evidence, Real World Data

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What does Real Word Evidence and Real World Data mean in the context of NEST?


How can NESTcc Help Your Clinical Program?

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How can NESTcc help your clinical program and enhance the product life cycle?

More data, whether it be retrospective or prospective, can refine the risk/benefit ratio for a product much earlier in the product life cycle.


Future Expectations for NEST

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What are the future expectations of NEST? NESTcc is now open and available to be retained by companies. NESTcc currently has access to data for 150,000,000 patient lives from a variety of geographies and sources, and NESTcc is now ready to assist healthtech companies to generate high-quality Real World Evidence for their needs across the total product life cycle.